by Attila Bekker January. 16, 2011 1740 views

After six years of absence, I started racing online again. The game rFactor [] is probably the best driving simulation, not like Carlsberg is the best beer, but seriously. It offers an endless array of cars and tracks, new ones being created every day by the online community. The game is free, the full version costs a mere 35 Euros, a bargain for a game which one can play for years. I purchased the game several years ago, but I did not really have the time to play much.

Now Enikö requires less attention, she spends hours in her room working on some drawing or ‘bricolage’, so daddy is free to install the wheel on the desk and start blasting around on some circuit. I found that the old IKEA armchair offers an almost perfect sitting position, much better than my desk chair.

Enikö also likes to drive. Today was the first time that she handled the pedals on her own. She needed a few laps to get the feel of it, after that her lap times were improving consistently. The game has a circuit called Miniville [] especially for kids, it starts in a small elf village, followed by a long straight, and a twisty section in the mushroom forest. The cars have a single speed gearbox (or no gearbox at all) and a very modest acceleration. It is perfect for a child to learn steering and get used to accelerating and braking. RFactor allows the player to drive the Miniville cars around Nordschleife, or drive a Formula One car in the mushroom forest. I wish I had such a game when I was a kid. And rFactor2 is coming out soon, it is supposed to be the next big thing in racing simulation.

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