Everything has to go

by Attila Bekker May. 07, 2011 1093 views

Enikö's room has been filling up with toys in an alarming rate during the past few years. We heard of a flea market in Vevey, and asked her whether she was interested selling some of her toys. First she was not very fond of the idea, but when we told her that she can keep the money she immediately changed her mind and started collecting the toys she did not need anymore.

I went running to the forest in the morning, by the time I came back most of the stuff was gone. Enikö's piggy bank got a few more bills in its belly, and we managed to get rid of some toys she had not been playing with for ages, a win-win scenario.

In the spirit of getting rid of unused stuff, I took my “old” Trek bike to the Stöckli shop up in Mont Pèlerin, where a second-hand bicycle sale was being organised. The bike was not that old, I bought it in Finland about 6 years ago, and the last time I used it was the trip around Lake Geneva three years ago. Its destiny was sealed when I bought my road bike, which is in fact much older, but since then it has been parked on the balcony. Chances are high that I would not be using it ever again, considering how much more fun road bikes are.

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