Hungarian GP

by Attila Bekker July. 31, 2011 1569 views

The holidays have finally arrived. After a 12 hour drive to Budapest on Saturday, it was time to watch the Hungarian Formula One GP live with Enikö. The weather was plain awful, raining almost continuously, combined with cold and wind. We took the public transport to the nearby city of Mogyoród, and were told that the bus connection only went to the main entrance, even though the official leaflets said otherwise. I was planning to sit on the other end of the track, but that would have required too much walking with Enikö, so we settled for a fairly good spot on the northern side of the circuit, sitting on a small hill with a view over half of the track.

It was somewhat difficult to follow the race, even though we could also see one of the (not so) big screens. Nevertheless, we saw some good action and most importantly we could hear the engines and smell Heidfeld's Renault when it burned out. At one point Enikö actually fall asleep, which was quite remarkable considering the amount of noise. When she woke up she was a bit grumpy, and asked if we could go home. There were 5 laps left from the race, and I did not mind overtaking the main crowd, so we walked out and took a cab home. It was time to start packing, as on the following day we were flying to Turkey to have some real summer.

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