by Attila Bekker August. 17, 2011 1400 views

Our family has been extended with a new member, a white Siberian Squirrel called Cunci. We have been contemplating to get a pet animal for Enikö for a long time, and were planning to buy a guinea pig. By chance we walked into a pet shop and saw the squirrel, and the idea of having a guinea pig was completely gone in an instant.

In hindsight the squirrel has many advantages. First of all, it is much more cute. It lives longer, up to 10 years, has next to no smell and needs less frequent cleaning. It provides constant entertainment jumping all over its cage, performing all sorts of acrobatics. The only downside (apart from the price) is that it cannot be taken out, during the day it hardly stops for a second, it is not an animal to hold in one's hand and caress.

We got plenty of stuff from the shop, but we also went to the nearby forest and picked a great deal of fresh berries and nuts, as well as a few pieces of wood to decorate the cage. Enikö is a proud owner, she said that she did not need the tv anymore, watching the squirrel was way more interesting. I am sure that will pass, and look forward to see how much responsibility she will show on the long term.

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