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Milwaukee (USA Wisconsin). The art museum, one of the emblems of the city (with Harley Davidson, and the brewers)

the Montreal biosphere, the largest dome in the world, i think. This structure is omnipresent in the landscape of Montreal.

“Ile de Ré” Bridge (France Charente Maritime) at the end of the day in june. Pont de l'ile de Ré, un soir d'été.

The Chicago bean, probably one of the most photographed place in the city. it's amazing to see the different positions taken by people posing in front of

here my prefered photo 2010 on Photoblog, taken in Chicago millenium park…may be not perfect, but I was lucky to have this couple in the backlight. my wishes…

No i was not drunk. i was holding the camera with the timer, trying to stay standstil…but a pesky lateral move :-( if it was not so blury, maybe it could have…
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