Art in the Park

by Paul Moreau September. 28, 2019 276 views

Just when you think life can't throw up any more surprises, you find an actual arts festival has sprung up in your sleepy little Middle England town. I was late to this, and frankly gutted to hear that I missed the beautiful voice of the hugely talented Nadia Reid right on my own doorstep.

In fact, most made me first aware of the festival was the construction of an intriguing piece of angular, steel art right on the edge of the town park. While most of the festival consisted of events, here was what transpired to be an actual example of live, interactive art.

What this consists of is a steel frame on which steel letters can be hung to form short phrases and homespun pieces of philosophy. Here is such a piece being created...

Quite brilliantly, artist Sam Edward asked local teenagers to use this as a platform to express their views on the world, the universe and everything, an offer that necessitated dozens of updates through the week of the festival. Clearly a labour of love for Sam and friends.

I was fascinated by not just the idea and its execution, but how I could capture it. After all, just because it's a great idea with impact in the real world, it doesn't follow that it's easy to photograph right? We on here surely know this more than most, and I set out to see if I could create some interesting shots that capture the mood and essence of what Sam has been trying to do. So I tried to emphasise different angles, close-ups, specific words, the texture of the beautifully industrial steel and how it looked in different conditions (not least the rain that has been so prolific recently). And, most interestingly for me, I returned to my dormant efforts to photograph at night with artificial light (including some amateur attempts at projection).

All thoughts and feedback valued and appreciated.

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