Assorted family pics

by Rob Mulligan January. 10, 2008 2408 views

These are just a few assorted pics to get going on Photoblog
Hope you enjoy!

Mommy and Kiki

Close up - pretty eyes

Margaret chasing keena in a at Peck Park 01-05-08

Margaret "horsing around". Get it? "Horsing around"? I so funny!

Mommy so silly!!!!! Daddy so Wacko!

Hello Grandma? Grandpa?

Nuff said

This was the first shot taken using a Joe Demb diffuser. I was knocked out at how it looked. Joe Demb actually has this picture on his website. []

Babba feeding Keena. China Oct 2006

Sitting on the same benches in the Forbidden City as we did when we got married.

Too low shutter speed… one of my all time favorite pictures!

Love mamma

Cousin in China made this hat

Silly Keena

She loves swings

Margaret and Keena on swings.

At Sesame Place - MY BIRTHDAY- 08-22-07

My two beauties. I'm blessed.

Ok, I'm going to hell at highway speed for this one: "Yoda".

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