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Firewalls and illusions in Erzsebetváros

Budapest is recognized for creatively turning it's disadvantages into something unique, despite the lack of funding.
Think of the flourishing culture of “ruin-pubs” (special alternative pub sin Budapest), run in the courtyards of decayed apartment buildings, now also being featured in tourist guides as part of the colour locale.
The council of the 7th district of Budapest thought of attracting the visitors with artistic firewalls. An obvious architectural failure, at the same time, a characteristic feature of downtown Pest, is the existence of these firewalls. They are the result of the uncoordinated constructions - houses built next to each other differing in height or were facaded unevenly. And since, there they are, bare, un-plastered, often dark surfaces between the otherwise beautiful apartment houses, now conceived as important elements of the overall atmosphere. They can't be removed but with simple ideas they could turn into something exciting.
Ocztos Istvan got inspired by these huge surfaces. In January this year he choose three of these walls and invited the international art community to fill them with art. The three walls can be found on the buildings at Akacfa u. 41., Dob u. 43 and 48. There were 152 entries entered from 42 artists of 12 countries of Europe, Asia, Americas, and Australia. The works will be exhibited in the N&n gallery until the 13th of September. There are plenty of ideas in the works. Drawings, abstract and non-abstract compositions, most of them however uses (often humorous) visual illusions.
On Varga Marton's draft there is a pope spreading his blessings and an angel leaning on a balcony. Ferenczi Huba applies the black and white photograph of a narrow London street to the wall. On Balazs Nora's work a staircase invites the pedestrians up to the sky - perhaps into the heaven. Some of the artists would “reveal” what is behind the walls. In her work the Australian Simon Yvette Halloran shows an interior of a castle through the holes cut into a brickwall. Some thought of bringing the untouched nature into the urban atmosphere of the city. The wall could become a large tree trunk, a jungle, waterfall or even a forest in bloom. Some considered a gigantic crossword, and there are those who desire a huge treefrog.
Ocztos István and Taskovics Éva created an entire series of drafts on the walls next to a playground, on the corner of Kazinczy and Kiraly street, these also featured in the N&n gallery exhibition. The exhibition was opened on the 7th of July by Vice Major Gergely Jozsef and architect Varga Tamás, who marked the concept as a provocation of the visual culture. It was announced at the opening that the construction planned for September by Ocztos, the District council and the group “Living FireWalls Budapest” still demands a increase in funding. Ocztos, the main organizer told us that the council so far approved the painting of the playground-wall so, they will start the works with that. The works on the other three walls featured in the competition need further founding.
Ocztos and the others would like in the future to extend the program to the whole city of Budapest. To see the exhibition in the N&n gallery (Budapest, VI. Hajos u.39.) until the 13th of September, one has to call for an appointment (+3620 9562 933). The works not featured there can be seen at Ocztos Istvan's webpage.

Source-string: http://hg.hu/blog/9857-eletre-kelt-tuzfalak-az-nn-galeriaban [hg.hu]
Translated by, Llaszlo Kiss
http://hg.hu/blog/9911-tuzfalak-es-illuziok-erzsebetvarosban [hg.hu]

Gergo, Kálmán, Kriszta & “Baksa” the Dog

Tamara, Mucius

Istvan, Mucius, Tamara
photo by Kalman Nagy

Mucius, Istvan, Kriszta
photo by Kalman Nagy

Balint Nagy & Istvan Ocztos

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