Christmas In Cinncinati. Day 209/365

by Amelia December. 26, 2010 3783 views

So, today we celebrated Christmas with more family.
Yesterday, my parents, siblings, and I arrived at my Aunts house around 8 o clock. My legs were so stiff from being cramned in the middle of my moms car.
Today, I woke up and called off work. People didn't start arriving at my aunts untill around 3. By 4 we started eating. It was delicious! Then after that we gathered around to play white elephant, which is what we normally do for Christmas. I was lucky this time and picked the last number (my other aunt was suppose to go but she left early). Then we all drew lottery tickets. Hopefully one of us will win…I doubt it though lol.
But today was enjoyable. I got to see family members I haven't seen in a while. It was weird not having my grandmother around this time. She died back in August. But that's life…People die and you just have to move on. Later tonight I came upstairs and found my brother looking through a box with a bunch a pictures my Grandpa brought over. It's crazy how old those pictures were. But great memories. (^_^)

My brother, Dakota.

White elephant time!

My cousins dog, Sadie.

Uncle Doug.

Aunt Janet.

Grandma Audrey.

Uncle Mike.


Cousin Dalton.

My uncle Denny was tossing the ball in the air and Bella wa afraid it'd hit her in the face, so she got up and hid lol.

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