Juvenile eagles have fledged !!

by Bill Baird June. 24, 2019 173 views

They are taking short practice flights. Now the training by the adults will soon begin to teach them the role of survival. They will hangout in the nests most of the time for awhile and the adults bring them food. I notice the adults aren't helping them with the food much now however. Time to be a little self sufficient.

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Olga Helys 1 year, 11 months ago

So majestic!

1 year, 11 months ago Edited
Bethany Plonski 1 year, 11 months ago

I love this! It's been so cool watching them develop through your posts. Do you know if they'll stay around the same area once their parents stop helping them or find their own territory?

1 year, 11 months ago Edited
Russell Smith 1 year, 12 months ago

Awesome photos and experience.

1 year, 12 months ago Edited
Bill Baird Replied to Russell Smith 1 year, 12 months ago

Thanks, yes, it was exciting after watching them grow for 10 weeks. They will get some training now but live at the nest for 4-6 weeks I guess with the adults still bringing them rations.

1 year, 12 months ago Edited
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