George Anele for Humanity

by Agunia Billion September. 11, 2016 921 views

One thing that makes the world a better place for everyone is the existence of selfless people whose punctilious sense of magnanimity gives hope to people. There are so many people whose passion for social assistance and community development is beyond description. One of such persons is Mr. George Anele

He is a man who believes that "success" is all about getting to the top and giving others the supports to also be on top in order to help other people, too. He gives hope and confidence to people without favour, sentimentality or partiality. He even goes out of his ways helping young persons to unleash their various potentials for excellence. 

He is humble, brave, and kind so much that he honours and gives attention to people regardless of their age, achievements or status. And most interestingly, he does not want his trumpet to be blown. 

Even if I have tried to describe him, this is just a little about his nature. There are more to discover about him. He indeed is a blessing to the human family!

The man who cherishes community development

Mr. George Anele

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