Garri Production in Omuma

by Agunia Billion September. 12, 2016 769 views

One of the most famous agricultural products of Omuma is Garri/Loiloi. It is made from cassava which is grown in all parts of the local government. In Umuokpurukpu, Eberi, where exactly this image was captured, majority of the lands is used for farming cassava.

Cassava is farmed every year on the lands which almost often are distributed according to the long accepted local norms and customs both at the family and community levels. And once it's due for harvesting, farmers go to their farms and uproot these crops. Then, they carefully carry out the necessary processes which usually continue to the next day before Garri could be ready. Loiloi (poularly known as fufu or akpu) is another famous product of cassava in the land.

Most people in the city prefer Omuma or Etche Garri because of how fresh and satisfying it actually is. Even in most markets in Nigeria, especially those in Rivers State, Omuma Garri or Loiloi is very popular.

And so, every time I travel home, I often go to the farm either to plant the seeds or to uproot the crops. Even though I am not really abreast with the whole processes, I always enjoy the few that I can.

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