PhotoChallenge: Money (Doubloon)

by Tyler Phaneuf Reeves April. 26, 2017 207 views

Interview: What would you do with a million dollars?!


Laurie: She would do the nice thing (Like what?? amirite??) and donate the whole million to charities. GOSH whatta gal.

Tiffany: Tiffany would choose the risky way out and invest all her money in real estate. 

Papdawg: Mrs Papak would finally rest in peace with her ways of retirement and sitting on the front porch doing a crossword and her artistic ways.

(Also i would like to describe my photo and say that i thought of money in a way to make it interesting. I didnt want just a casually coin, i wanted to give it meaning and explode in interesting ways. So i decided to take a coin with a ship on it, put it in a glass with sand and make it tell the story of a sinking ship.)

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