Tyler Phaneuf Reeves's posts from May 2017

Song "Nothing To Lose" by Billy Talent. ... "Never played truth or dare.. I'd have to check my mirror to see if i'm still here."

Who: Tyler (me) What: Delivering soup to the ill When: April Where: On a sidewalk in my town Why: Because a dear friend was sick and i thought id cheer up there…

The centre of the photo typically is where all of the weight and focus is held. This includes the flower with the water droplets and the leaf (on right side).…

I chose this photo for Hard because Steel Beams are very hard, plus it was very hard to take this photo, whilst being hard to not look at.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle. I chose this title because its a cute yet badass looking thing in a (not so epic) action shot. I kind of think of him as…

Trust me i already made the joke about taking a photo of myself and calling myself a mistake *Badum Tsst* but the mistake is supposed to be the banana phone.

This quote comes from one of my favourite songs by Billy Talent. The acoustics are absolutely magnificent and could bring a tear to your eye.
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