journey to the east (pt.1)

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Joo Chiat Road, Singapore 2017

Joo Chiat Road, Singapore 2017

I've stayed in the East region of Singapore for a good two-thirds of my life, ie. 20 years. I miss it so much — there's memories in almost every corner, every other street, my favourite hangout places during school days, favourite food stalls..

The first photo above represents the first house I ever stayed in since I was born - the furthest unit on the right (with grilled windows) on the second level above the car showroom. The unit is actually a lot bigger than it looks from the outside. The length of the unit is towards the back and I still have a visual memory of how it looks like on the inside. Two rooms on each end of the house, with a really long corridor that stretches past the living and dining room area. The balcony with the grilled windows is where I used to keep my toy pedalling cars (there's three of them) and I used to pedal up and down the corridor all the time.

This place houses most of my toddler memories, where my granny stayed with me and took care of me everyday while my parents were at work. In the last months of 2016, before she passed on, she used to bring up all my naughty antics at this house and lament on how difficult it was to handle me when I was a kid — because I was so playful and I was the eldest grandchild, the adults in the family doted on me and my cousins took cues from me.

My great grandmother was around for a couple of years when I was a kid and I am probably the only grandchild who has some memory of how she was like as a person. My brother and the rest of my cousins are either not born yet, or too young to remember anything. She used to dislike me a lot, because she claimed that I always 'played punk' by spitting saliva on her every time my toy car pedals past her. She would then complain to my granny about me to try and get me punished, but it never worked because I was always the favoured one at home.

From the windows of the house, I used to be able to 'peep' into the activities happening at this building next door. This building has since renovated and the peeping activity is no longer possible, sadly.

There were so many activities held here on a daily and weekly basis that kept me interested. It was also what warranted me scoldings from my mom because she refused to let me take Taekwondo classes there!

Joo Chiat CC, Singapore 2017

Joo Chiat CC, Singapore 2017

Nicely renovated building!

The left wing of the building used to be an open area where they held activities like community parties, Taekwondo classes, sports etc. (That was how I saw the on-goings everyday).

But my mom never budged on the classes. I never took them. But I would steal glances from the house window in a lousy attempt to copy their movements and Taekwondo chants...

(to be continued)

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