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I was born in Albacete, La Mancha (the land of Don Quijote) (see location)
Profession: item manager
I like very much:
- Photography (of course): macro, animals, plants, landscape, travels....
- Music: jazz, classic, new age...I'm a music lover!
- Paint: Monet, Renoir, Van Goch, Sorolla, Sisley,....
- Literature: The list would be endless...
- Sports: I usually practise hiking and cycling (mountain bike, although I'm too old to do things like this) And I'm a Real Madrid supporter!
There's another things that I like as traveling, cooking, go out round the bars for "tapeo" with friends (typical in Spain)
but above all I love Nature and I enjoy going out for hiking with friends or with a fellowship called Torcamajuelo.
The main problem is that I haven't enough free time to do everything I would like (I suppose it is a modern epidemic) First things first: family, home, job...
Thanks for visiting my modest blog. My friend Sebelo (Please visit his blog) encouraged to me to post my shots. I hope that you like. Greetings.


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