Watching people live.

by Bituin A March. 03, 2017 242 views

Being a fan of Sherlock Holmes, one of my hobbies is people-watching. I like to watch people in the context of daily life.

One sunny afternoon in Israel, I was enjoying a crepe and that dark thing they call Israeli coffee [cough], when this scene played out in front of me. 

I thought, "This is the Israel we don't see from the other side of the world. Expensive (the crepe I ordered was worth 3 meals in the PH), but FREE. People here are free to practice their religions, to study to their hearts' content, and innovate ways to help mankind. They are free to live."

My friends call me a Zionist, but I don't mind. Mount Zion is endgame.

Israel and her people

A day at Ben Yehuda St.

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