by Bjorn Frithiof January. 07, 2017 153 views

Telephone Pole

Inverness, California - 1/4/17

There must be millions of telephone poles in the US. Each one is constructed of a tree as well as other miscellaneous materials. Just one tree. Sounds so simple and irrelevant. We pass by a telephone and take no notice of its existence. We are too busy to realize that it used to be a living tree. But is one living tree significant enough for us to care? What is really important to care and think about in life? Where does reflection lead us? How can we truly appreciate life if we can't appreciate a tree, even if it is just a tree? Sounds so small and insignificant, but if I was talking about 100,000 trees, would it matter? Would that small forest affect us at all? What does it matter to a US resident if a small forest in Brasil gets cut down? The "who cares?" mindset has resulted in the destruction of 50% of the world's forests. The forests let us live. They produce the oxygen we need to be able to walk past a telephone and turn a blind eye to the state of the planet.

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