The Act of Being

by Bjorn Frithiof January. 08, 2017 150 views

Washed up

Stinson Beach, California - 1/6/17

What does it mean to be? To be alive? To be present? To feel? To experience? Maybe within the essence of the word, just being. How does one just be? I have recognized myself as someone who needs to feel alive. Otherwise, I dip into the unknown of not feeling anything. I suppose that means I need my senses to be absorbing both the input of my surroundings, and the output of my emotions and energy. It all mixes together into the complex equation behind my being. Not my physical being, but my being within this universe. Both my living, and my existing. The things that define the immense mystery that is being alive are hidden so far inside of ourselves. To dig into who we are and explore is one of life's greatest challenges. But to be able to find anything when we dig, we need to have experiences and we need to have made mistakes. We need to have felt alive, the way we want to live. I've seen the ways society and upbringing has to do with who we think we are and how it prevents us from digging into ourselves. This is the biggest crime committed by modern culture. We aren't allowed to spend time being, we have do be doing. Being and doing are very different. Doing incorporates a sense of achievement and completion. Being is never complete. You will never finish being. The act of being is so damn complicated that nobody puts in the effort to discover being and how. I am writing this while having no idea how to be being. I have just put down the first few pieces into a vast personal puzzle. I have no time to spend on continuing the puzzle. I am always interrupted by doing. Interrupted by school, work, family, chores, and so on. The classic teenage life. For me, the act of being is digging deeper, not only within our selves, but our surroundings. Our being. Our being both physical and mental. The last step to mortal consciousness. The act of being defies society. It defies the path, chosen and laid out for us throughout our lives. It contributes to the idea of freedom. Is one truly free if they can't continue being alive outside of society's parameters? If I wanted to live out in the middle of nowhere, survive off the land, and develop my own way of living and being, how am I to do that? Society wont let me escape the cost of living. Living how you want to be is the act of being. Are we truly free if we cannot be?

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