Brhlovce (Slovakia) - 2017

by Björn Roose December. 10, 2018 520 views

Don't ask me how to pronounce the name Brhlovce, but it is not only unique in it's name, but also in a number of its houses: the cave dwellings.

The rocks in Brhlovce largely consist of volcanic tuff: it's light and easily worked, but strong. Over the years several houses were cut in the cliff: it was very cheap real estate and ... the temperature in the rooms is a constant 17-18 degrees Celsius, in winter and summer (and it is not a warm region, the average in January is -1 degree Celsius, which equals 30 degrees Fahrenheit). You can read all about the cave dwellings here.

And the butterflies ? Well, for some reason they all gathered at a certain place in a nearly dried up little stream.

All my Slovakia photos are here.

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