Balatonboglár (Hungary) - 2018

by Björn Roose January. 21, 2019 375 views

Honestly, the region around Balaton, especially the mountains to the north of it, is great, but Balaton itself is just a very undeep lake and the towns sitting on its shores are - with a very small number of exceptions - no more than tourist traps. Hotels and resorts apparently own the beaches, which means there's only free access to the lake on a few public "shores" which are far from nice. Along the coast line you'll find one tourist shop after another bar, nearly permanent fairs and very expensive parkings.

In some towns however it's worth wading through thousands of tourists to see the lake and the traffic on it from a certain point of view. Funny enough on those points of view there are nearly no tourists ...

Anyway, here's a selection of my photos made in Balatonboglár. You'll find all of them in my Magyarország/Hungary 2018 album on Pinterest. And yes, you have seen one of these photos before ...

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