Ablain-Saint-Nazaire (France) - Nécropole Nationale de Notre-Dame de Lorette - part 1

by Björn Roose February. 13, 2019 620 views

This place was one of the major battlefields of World War I in Artois (France). So many people lost there lives here that the hill has been named "la colline aux 100.000 morts" (the hill of the 100.000 dead).

The "national necropolis" was inaugurated in 1925 and counts 20.000 individual graves and over 22.000 "unknown" soldiers in 7 mass graves. In the middle of this immense graveyard there's a basilica, that replaces the small chapel that was here before it got destroyed in 1914, and a 52 meters high tower in the form of a "lanterne des morts" (light of the dead).

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