March 21 - Culture (#PhotoBlog365)

by Björn Roose March. 21, 2019 480 views

Religious, thus catholic (because you were either that or nothing), culture in Flanders used to be mainly about Mother Mary and her child. Now that culture is disappearing at a fast pace and the last remains of it in people's houses are getting tossed away or arrive at a second hand shop, where you can buy them for close to nothing.

And that's what I did a few years ago. I am a heathen, but in a few weeks time I bought a series of Mother Mary of Flanders (yep, we nationalized her :-) ) statues for a few euros. So now I have three more or less equal statues: the coloured one in the picture, and two "monochrome" ones (one smaller than the other).

Funny thing is that they all have been made to look like wood or, in this case, painted wood, but that they are really ... plaster.

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David Swatton 1 year ago

I’m most definitely anti-theist but I can certainly appreciate the beauty of the art inspired by religion... but in a church, mosque, temple etc. I can’t imagine owning it. I’m intrigued about what made you want to buy the statues.

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Björn Roose Replied to David Swatton 1 year ago

They are part of my culture. But then again, I'm not anti-theist, I'm a heathen.

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Bob Rosenberg 1 year ago

Agree - they look like wood.  So, was that an artistic thing?  Build it in plaster but make it look like wood?

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Björn Roose Replied to Bob Rosenberg 1 year ago

I think it was a mass production thing. Painting a plaster mold like it is wood is cheaper and faster than carving a wooden statue ...

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