Pákozd (Hungary/Magyarország) - Granite Geological Trail

by Björn Roose June. 20, 2019 90 views

Well, after what you've seen in part 1, part 2 and part 3, you might think Pákozd is all about soldiers and armies. To proof that is not true I'm gonna take you for a good ... march over the Granite Geological Trail.

A thunderstorm was coming our way, so my girlfriend stayed with the car to make a drawing of the landscape, but I went for a walk up through the woods and down via the Gomba kő (Mushroom stone), Kis Cipó (Small Loaf), Pogány kő (Pagan rock), Oroszlán szikla (Lion rock), Kocka kő (Cube stone) and Pandúr kő (Gendarme Stone).

It was kind of windy on top of the hills, but the view was great and the rocks were rocking. And I ... was back before the rain started.

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