Nagyvázsony (Magyarország/Hungary) - Kinizsi vár - The archers

by Björn Roose September. 24, 2019 225 views
The presenter

The presenter

As mentioned in the previous post the re-enactors at Kinizsi Vár put up a pretty nice show.

The thing however is that we were up in the tower (you can see it in that previous post) when that show started and the way down would make us miss to much of it. So, I decided on hanging over the embattlements and shooting the re-enactors from up there (rest assured, I limited the risk, since I'm suffering from a certain fear of heights) ...

Today, the archers !

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Greg Blaney 1 month, 3 weeks ago

Love the perspective in these shots, Bjorn. Maybe being in the tower wasn't all that bad a spot to be.

1 month, 3 weeks ago Edited
Björn Roose Replied to Greg Blaney 1 month, 3 weeks ago

It created a totally different point of view, that's for sure smile

1 month, 3 weeks ago Edited