October 31 - Costume (#PhotoBlog365)

by Björn Roose October. 31, 2019 265 views

You were probably expecting something - again ... - Halloween related, but as I said before: I do not care for that theme. So, I took the liberty of translating costume into kostuum. That is a correct translation, but kostuum in Flanders means ... suit (in The Netherlands that would be pak, but close to nobody in Flanders will use that word, despite the fact we're speaking Dutch too). And a tie is part of a suit, so here's a few of my ties ...

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Buster Bruce 1 month ago

Nice ties! Im down to two and wear those only for random photos!  Cheers!

1 month ago Edited
Björn Roose Replied to Buster Bruce 1 month ago

Cheers, Buster ! Only two ? That's not a lot smile

1 month ago Edited
Lee Santiva 1 month ago

The theme weeks centered around American events like Valentine‘s Day, Halloween or upcoming Thanksgiving are difficult for all of us…

1 month ago Edited
Björn Roose Replied to Lee Santiva 1 month ago

I wouldn't say Valentine's day and Halloween are American, but they have turned into something very commercial and, thus, very American. But you're American, right ? And Germany is not exactly anti-American, is it ? Should be doable for you, no ?

1 month ago Edited
Benny Law 1 month ago

+1 for not caring about the Halloween theme, and a nice collection of ties. You can learn something about a man by looking at his tie collection.

1 month ago Edited
Björn Roose Replied to Benny Law 1 month ago

smileWell, it is a nice collection, but I'm not wearing suits all too often these days. Maybe I should restart doing so, just to amaze al those people who have never ever seen me in anything but jeans and t-shirts ...

1 month ago Edited
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