December 18 - Your tree (#PhotoBlog365)

by Björn Roose December. 18, 2019 305 views

I have actually come to dislike the combination of the words "my" and "tree". It's exactly that combination which makes people feel like they have the god-given right to chop 'em down for whatever reason comes to their mind. So, here's a detail of the rowan tree in my garden. At least that one is not gonna be chopped down because somebody does not like falling leaves or the twittering of birds or needs more sun to burn their skin ...

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Bethany Plonski 2 months ago

Beautiful colors in this image!

2 months ago Edited
Björn Roose Replied to Bethany Plonski 2 months ago

Thanks, Bethany smile

2 months ago Edited
Sherry Hill 2 months ago

i concur..

2 months ago Edited
Björn Roose Replied to Sherry Hill 2 months ago

Amen smile

2 months ago Edited
Benny Law 2 months ago

I wonder how many pine trees are chopped down in December and thrown out as garbage in January.

2 months ago Edited
Björn Roose Replied to Benny Law 2 months ago

If I read Lee's post on this theme millions and millions. Mine is a plastic one smile

2 months ago Edited
Lee Santiva Replied to Benny Law 2 months ago

The statistic for Germany 2019 is 25 million trees. There’s a new trend to “rent a tree” I cannot imagine that would be good for the tree to be inside a warm house then back out in the cold, but I like the idea…

2 months ago Edited
Björn Roose Replied to Lee Santiva 2 months ago

My girlfriend tried it. Not exactly renting, but a gardening school tried to keep the tree alive during the year. But with the very dry summers they just kept on dying anyway ...

2 months ago Edited