Berlin (Deutschland/Germany) - Former Luftfahrtministerium

by Björn Roose December. 21, 2019 660 views

The Reichsluftfahrtministerium (the Ministry of Aviation), a government department during the national-socialist reign in Germany, used to be housed in this building on the Wilhelmstrasse. During the communist occupation of East Berlin it was known as the Haus der Ministerien (House of Ministries), housing some more ministries (of course). Once this second dictatorship was over the Treuhandanstalt (the organisation responsable for selling out Eastern Germany) laid its hands on it. And nowadays it's the seat of the Finance Ministry.

But after all these years, the work of architect Ernst Sagebiel (also responsable for the enormous Tempelhof airport buildings), is still beautiful and looking rather modern.

And some things haven't changed. There was a little gestapo at the entrance (the one on the bottom left of the second photo) getting very angry about the fact that I made a photo of the building from inside the gate. I could make a photo he yelled, but only from outside the gate. So, I zoomed in a little more and got exactly the same result. Little people, little brains ...

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