The Shelter

by Bloggingchick September. 30, 2008 1558 views

I have been volunteering at the Huron Valley Humane Society [] doing general cleanup and cat comforting. I wanted to be a dog walker, but there were so many who wanted to do it, and a class is required first. There are only so many seats per class. Also, one must dedicate at least 2 hours per week walking dogs and I am just not sure right now if I will be able to do it in the future. You, know, once I finally find a job.

The Humane Society has so many animals in it, mostly strays and ones who got left behind because the owners lost their jobs & homes so they just pick up & leave, leaving the pets behind. Many of the owners do bring the pets in because they can no longer afford to care for them, which is better than just abandoning them. Anyway, a construction crew just started clearing land behind the old shelter so a new one can be built.

This morning I went to the Humane Society for general clean-up. I took my camera in so I could take a picture of a certain cat there. It lost an eye in some kind of injury. The cat wasn't there today. I hope it was adopted, or maybe fostered.

I helped clean the kitty cages. I did the ones on a standing cart type thingy while other people did the larger cages. The people doing the larger cages had not done it before.

There was one particularly rambunctious kitten whose cage I cleaned. I had to hold her while I changed everything because she kept climbing all over the door and trying to get out. After I changed the towels and newspapers in the cage and had put her back, she proceeded to shred the papers and make a complete mess of the cage.

While I was in the process of cleaning it, the other people cleaning the other cages had left a door open & another kitten had escaped and was trying to make a break for it out the nearby door. I went chasing after it still holding the kitten I had. Fortunately, the escaped kitty was so tiny (s)he couldn't go fast enough so I scooped her up in my other hand before she got all the way out the door & outside

As for the rambunctious kitty, shortly after she tore up the inside of the cage, someone else tried putting new stuff in again, but she still tore it all up. Then they tried putting her in another cage thinking she just wanted to play. They all hissed at each other. So it was back into her cage by herself. A few hours later, the kitten had worn herself out, so I replaced everything again. Naturally, she started getting revved up again, but not to the extent as this morning.

One rambunctious kitty. The food bowl in her litter? Yeah, she did that (see my full entry below).

Please take me home?

No, take me home!

I didn't realize I'd gotten this shot until I uploaded the pictures to my computer.

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