shE`s gOt thE lOOk / for sEEIng thIngs by Dragana Jurisic from Dublin to the World -an exhibition- ARTISTS OF THE WORLD UNITE! :)

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shE`s gOt thE lOOk
sEEIng thIngs by Dragana Jurisic from Dublin to the World
an exhibition


Invitation to 'Seeing Things'
Exhibition, Chapter, Cardiff, Wales, UK

Art in the Bar - Dragana Jurisic: Seeing Things
20 March 2009 - 19 April 2009
opening night - 20 March 2009
venue: Chapter
address: Market Road, Canton, Cardiff
tel: 02920 311050
email: [email protected]

"In 2006 Croatian born photographer, Dragana Jurisic was commissioned by Combat Poverty to produce a bank of documentary photographs that explored poverty in contemporary Ireland.

“The resulting works blend sharp detail with documentary detachment to create a poignant realism that questions the photographer’s role as cultural commentator and our own basic assumptions about the nature of truth and objectivity. For Jurisic, the uncomfortable process of recording people’s lives has become the central concern of her work. She uses the camera as a shield to protect the audience from the reality of both the subject and the environment in which she finds herself. The penetrating images leave you with feelings of detachment and unease, anticipation and loss. They are eerily still and contain a sense of foreboding that transforms the scenes from the mundane to the intriguing.

”This sense of intrigue is often heightened by use of the bird motif: they hover above cars, flock around the subject and threaten regularly to penetrate your personal space. For Jurisic, the bird is symbolic of the photographer, free to come, survey, and leave when the work is done.

"Dragana Jurisic graduated from University of Wales, Newport with an MFA Documentary Photography in 2008. She is based in Dublin


a Dragana Jurisic´s review on

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"The story of me as a photographer starts in 1991 during the war in former Yugoslavia when our family apartment was burned down together with thousands of prints and negatives my father, an ardent amateur photographer, had accumulated. The day after the fire was the last day he took a photograph, a perfunctory snapshot to record the damage for the insurance company. Where my father stopped, I started.

"The act of photographing, of looking at the world through a camera lens, helped provide a semblance of control over an otherwise unpredictable world. I do not remember much previous to sixteen years of age, but from that time on the camera gave me the power to control what I would remember by the act selecting it out of everything that surrounded me at that time and ‘capturing’ it for a personal posterity

Dragana Jurisic. []

"I am a photographer. That's what I do. That's who I am. A voyeur, an observer. That's how I order the world around me - with my camera. Some of the best photographs I saw I did not take. I savour them for latter but I know they will never happen again."

Dragana Jurisic in Photoblog []

Dragana Jurisic in Axis

Dragana Jurisic MFA Documentary Photography []

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Because Artists of the world can be united!


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His Book:

Primavera`s book by Vantag []

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Invitation To ‘Seeing Things’ Exhibition, Chapter, Cardiff, Wales, UK
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On Recent Murders in Northern Ireland by Dragana Jurisic
from []

Do Not Encourage Little Children To Throw Stones On The Passing Vehicle… by Dragana Jurisic
from []

Dublin Bay, Irish Sea by Dragana Jurisic

“I felt polluted that day. So I stood on the edge of the water in the lashing snow and waited for the freezing wind to take it all away. History really has a funny way of repeating itself”. Dragana Jurisic []


Coming Out Of The Darkness (photograph by Gina Brocker) []

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