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"Art is a perpetual rebirth" -Hélène Cardona-

Life in Suspension / La Vie Suspendue by Helene Cardona

Life in Suspension / La Vie Suspendue by Hélène Cardona

"This [LIFE IN SUSPENSION / LA VIE SUSPENDUE] is poetry with layers of complexity made of lace — a magic carpet ride, not like anything else around." -Grace Cavalieri- The Washington Independent Review of Books.


Life in Suspension / La Vie Suspendue 


"In this bilingual edition of her poems Hélène Cardona is our contemporary ecstatic, time-traveler, and shape-shifter. Behind the dreamlike atmosphere of her poems lies a fierce will to discover beauty, to resurrect ancient enchantments, and to defend enigmas of the spirit. <<I like transforming into an animal, / devouring who I was,>> she writes. Her luminous poems celebrate the imagination's power to dignify and exalt our highest yearnings." -Lee Upton- winner of a Pushcart Prize and the National Poetry Series Award.

"A tour de force of language and phonetics; a deeply felt and deeply spiritual collection which explores the universal human experience from a very personal point of view. This is intimate poetry, and yet it transcends the mundane through its lyricism and its glory in language. Hélène Cardona's pen moves from the human to the divine and back in a single sentence, and the result is uplifting and magical." -Joanne Harris- Best-selling author of Chocolat.

Beyond Elsewhere by Gabriel Arnou Laujeac

Beyond Elsewhere by Gabriel Arnou Laujeac. Translation by Hélène Cardona

"BEYOND ELSEWHERE by French poet Gabriel Arnou-Laujeac, translated by Hélène Cardona, creates a new mythopoetic language of transformation." -Ron Starbuck-


Beyond Elsewhere 


Beyond Elsewhere is a hauntingly beautiful long narrative poem, a dance that at once touches on the universal and uniquely personal. With his debut collection,Gabriel Arnou-Laujeac establishes himself as one of French poetry's most innovative new voices. His writing is lyrical, masterful, exquisite, an opening into the elusive, affirming the absolute necessity of listening to the world.

Beyond Elsewhere is a symphonic poem with boundless language, where past and present meet.  Beyond Elsewhere was awarded a Hemingway Grant by the French Ministry of Culture, The Institut Français, and the Cultural Services of the French Embassy.

Hélène Cardona, actress, poet and multilingual translator.

Hélène Cardona, actress, poet and multilingual translator

Life in Suspension (Salmon Poetry, 2016) by Helene Cardona -web page-  Helene Cardona -facebook profile-, actress and poet Hélène Cardona -IMDB- from Helene Cardona -fan page- has been the winner of the Pinnacle Book Award for Best Bilingual Book in Poetry and the Readers Favorite Award in Poetry, Gold Medal Winner.


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