Squishies Return!

by Jeremy April. 17, 2008 1771 views

Team Squishy made the next leg fo the Pacific Coast Bike Route, this time starting in Bodega Bay and cycling 212 miles down Highway 1 to Marina where we started our first ride. Beautiful countryside in Marin with lots of green and wildflowers. Great ride across the Golden Gate and through San Francisco. Devil's Slide was our only real nemesis on this tour. Staying overnight at the Montera Lighthouse Hostel was a blast and we had an even better time hanging out with Rusty, Lis, Brynn and Patrick in Felton. A good time was had by all.

Special thanks to Kerry, Jamie, Marcela and Stuart for helping us get where we needed to go!

Oh dear, what have I gotten myself into!?

Marcela and Stuart kindly drove us up to Bodega Bay from Marina

The countryside near Bodega

Our first county crossing

Ah, the open road calls!

A quick stop at Point Reyes

Checking out the San Francisco Bay Model in Sausalito

What the [email protected]#$ do you mean the west side of the bridge is closed!

We start our ride over the Golden Gate

One happy camper.

Looking back from Fort Point and the Presidio

Highway 1 in Pacfica

Heading towards Devil's Slide

We triumph! The top of Devil's Slide

The 3 Amigos strike again!

Montera Lighthouse hostel

Breakfast at Halfmoon Bay Airport. Are we awake yet???

The long straight…

I'm not touching you! I'm not touching you!

Lunch at Pigeon Point Lighthouse

The last few miles to Santa Cruz

Crossing the Roaring Camp and Big Trees Railroad tracks on the way to Rusty's place.

Brynn and Patrick keep Scott occupied in the loft.

We're on the bridge!!!

Midpoint across.

Devil's slide.

Watching the sunset at Montera Lighthouse.

Yum, donuts!

Yeah, we're cool…

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