Chino Airshow

by Jeremy May. 17, 2008 2106 views

It was a scorching hot day for an airshow, but luckily Eddie and I got to hang out at the RV hanger and get a little shade. The hanger had a clear view of the runup area and an unobstructed view of the show area, which I took full advantage of. Now I remember why I got that 12x zoom!

The sun was already blazing by 8:30am. But it makes for a pretty picture.

Reflections of speed

There were two P-38s flying today.

Our relief from the heat…and a great view as well!

Fuddy Duddy at the runway 21 runup.

P-38 taxis to runway 21

Fuddy Duddy makes a low pass for the crowd

Pacific Princess skims the hills

Pacifc Princess

The Blacksheep Squadron returns

The fork-tailed devil

Heritage Flight

Mustangs and Lightning

The Horsemen

The perfect photos pass

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Konrad 12 years ago

wonderful pics.I like old planes.

12 years ago Edited
David Cardona 12 years ago

Wonderful shots! Great subject and stunning work!

12 years ago Edited