Sample Meadows

by Jeremy August. 04, 2008 957 views

Back to Sample Meadows after a three year hiatus. It was great to be back with the “Dawderhoffs” again and to enjoy the cool mountain air, the flowers, the “krik” and the cows.

A perfect spot.

Will all our stuff fit in the van? Of course it will!

On the road again.

Time to inflate 10 million pink flamingoes!

Walking to the meadow to play ball with the dogs.

The Miniature Rheinbacher Woolly Mammoth (and offspring)

Julie and Amber cooling off in the “krik”

Brotherly Love.

Warming up around the morning campfire.

The “krik”

Guard flamingo at the entrance. Beware all ye who enter!

Bacon Bob

Thomas enjoying his pancakes.

That was funny!

Flapjack John

Wildflowers on the other side of the road.

Birthday cake for Bob (and the first cake baked at Sample).

The birthday boy with his cake and headlamp hat.

Having our cake and eating it too.

Julie trying to steal Amber's stick.

Everybody in one photo…amazing!

The secret geo-cache location

Returning from hiding the geo-cache.

Three generations

Good 'ole outhouse number two…

A fairytale setting

A deep morning conversation.

The camp

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