LA Tall Ships Festival

by Jeremy August. 17, 2008 3421 views

First time visit to the Tall Ships Festival in San Pedro and had a great time touring the ships, including HMS Surprise, The Bounty, Eagle and a host of others. Highlight of the day was taking an evening sail out past Angel's Gate on the Lynx for a mock gun battle with numerous other tall ships. It was a perfect evening out on the water and a lot of fun to pretend it was 200 years earlier.

The Spirit of Dana Point

main mast of the Bounty

The Bounty

The Eagle

The Lynx. This is the ship we sailed on for the evening gun battle out beyond Angel's Gate.

HMS Surprise (from the movie Master and Commander)

Me with the Surprise

HMS Surprise

HMS Surprise

The main deck of Surprise

Lots of rigging

Cannon port on the gun deck of Surprise

HMS Surprise

Julie scans the horizon for Napoleon's fleet

Chasing the Exy Johnson

Ready to fire!

The Exy Johnson

The Exy Johnson with the Californian and Curlew in the background.

The Californian just after she fired at us

Raked by the Curlew

Exy Johnson

Reloading the main guns. We used four main guns and four carronades in the battle with four more carronades to spare.

The Californian

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