Death Valley Camping 2

by Jeremy March. 27, 2011 1066 views

Breaking camp at Marble Canyon, visiting the pup fish, Furnace Creek and Artist's Palette Drive

Campsite at the mouth of Marble Canyon

After driving all day on dirt roads, Barb gets a flat tire right in front of camp.

Industrious lunch-making activity

My sick honey

Heading back to Stovepipe Wells

Still some snow on the peaks - 70 degrees in the valley.

A cool bird near the pupfish

The pupfish were everywhere today!

Male and female together


Pupfish hugger

The creek seeps into the sand just beyond the main pupfish habitat

A bold roadrunner at Furnace Creek

The start of Artist's Palette Drive - just before the camera batteries ran out!

Enough power for one last photo - a few wildflowers starting their bloom.

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