Railtown and Cavern

by Jeremy June. 14, 2015 676 views

A fast but thorough visit and train ride at Railtown SP in Jamestown followed by a questionable - but still enjoyable cavern tour in Murphy's.

Visiting Railtown 1897 SP: the original round house and locomotives.

Getting to sit in #3 on an impromptu private tour. The boiler was still radiating heat from the last run the day before.

My tour guide, Mike.

Going into the shed was like going back in time.

Wrenches used to work on the locomotives.

One of the flues used to channel smoke from the steam locomotives out of the building.

Their current restoration project.

A railcar used on the building of the Hetch Hetchy reservoir. It had a built-in turntable that allowed the driver to pick it up from the tracks and spin it around for the trip home.

Another original rail car.

Lory walks by the turntable.

Turntable and roundhouse.

A rusty Shay parked out back.

Taking our excursion ride.

The water tower from Petticoat Junction.

Enjoying the ride!

Due to the dry conditions, we were followed by a “fire car” carrying a bunch of guys to put out any fires that started from our train.

Engineer waving to the kids as the bring the locomotive to the other side of the train for the trip back.

Getting ready to descend into the limestone caverns at Murphys. (Our not very enthusiastic tour guide).

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