Heading Home

by Jeremy June. 15, 2015 637 views

Breakfast in Sonora, stopping for a soak in the Tuolomne River, a quick hike at Lake Tenaya above Yosemite Valley and a creek hike at Lee Vining.

Stopping for a breakfast coffee and burrito in a Sonora park.

Overlooking the Tuolomne River from a small, twisting ferry road between Sonora and Groveland

The normal water level would have been at the lighter section of the support pillars.

Remains of the old bridge (usually under water from the reservoir).

So we got to swim in a section of the river that has long been covered up - until the drought.

Amazing flow patterns carved out of the rocks.

Exploring around Lake Tenaya between Yosemite and Tuolomne Meadows.

Hiking the creek trail just over the lip from Lee Vining

Mono Lake from the Creek Trail.

A large lizard at the Mono Lake Visitor's Center.

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