St Louis to Mammoth Springs

by Jeremy June. 25, 2015 819 views

Traveling to Little Rock, Arkansas via St Louis, Missouri. Stops at Meramec Caverns and Mammoth Springs.

A late afternoon flight on Southwest. Here we go!

Day one: a stop at Meramec Caverns.

In the tiled ballroom area with a random cabin.

Light it up, boys!

…and the natural view.

They definitely liked their colored lights.

Cave bacon!

An unused second entrance where the bats come and go.

Our little rental car for the trip from St Louis to Ward and back.

Checking for fossils in the limestone cliffs near Meramec Caverns.

Lory stands on the powerplant dam for the outflow of Mammoth Springs.

The main spring of Mammoth Springs.

The restored railroad depot and museum at Mammoth Springs.

Lory in the caboose cupola

Gummi Jets!!!

All this water comes from one spring.

A typical Arkansas rural road coming south from Mammoth Springs.

A fun river crossing with a pedestrian bridge (probably used to be a railroad bridge)

Yummy Mexican food on the Missouri/Arkansas border - late at night.

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