Ward, Cabot and Buffalo River trip

by Jeremy June. 26, 2015 740 views

Dinner at Beth's with Granny and a visit to Autumne's water park.

Deep fried pickles - YUMMMM!

Time to annoy the kitties…

“Why are you taking a picture of me!?”

Getting ready for dessert.

Just chillin' at the water park….

The ladies playing in the shallows of the wave pool.

Lifeguard Autumne cleaning up tubes at the end of the day.

Huddle House: an old favorite.

Stopping at a natural bridge formation roadside attraction on the way to Buffalo River.

There it is!

Arkansas Gothic

An almost spherical natural rock formation similar to a moqui marble. Apparently there are a lot of these in this area.

Arrival at our little cabin near the river.

Previewing the Buffalo River on the evening of our arrival.

Hot and MUGGY!!

Look: fireflies!!!

After a good night's sleep.

Damiene becomes one with the couch.

Breakfast time.

Campfire and s'mores.

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