Buffalo River

by Jeremy July. 02, 2015 864 views

After a quick morning van ride from the outfitters headquarters, we unload boats and gear at Baker Ford.

Lory is clearly ready to go!!!

Jeremy beginning to enjoy the cool water - finally!

Six of us head out - and hopefully six of us make it to the other landing.

Getting their sea legs…

And we're off!! Not two minutes into the journey, we see a snake undulating through the water towards the big raft; but we escape.

Lory in her element: playing in fresh water!

Our first set of “rapids”.

We made it through!

Taking a break.

Damiene takes a turn in the kayak.

Autumne takes a turn at the kayak AND tries out the rope swing.

Limestone cliffs full of fossil bits and pieces.

Looking for fossils in the beach stones.

Autumne shoots the rapids!

Looking for fossils and gems where a small creek enters the main river.

Beth tries out a kayak for the first time - MUCH better than being in the rubber raft!

The KAYAKING PRO exploring the Great Wilderness.

Hundreds of turtles along the banks. We also saw a muskrat, a mink and several snakes.

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