St Louis City Museum

by Jeremy July. 04, 2015 1610 views

The amazing interactive indoor, outdoor and multi-story sculpture garden in downtown St Louis

What a cool place! Everything here is made from recycled junk and there are hidden pathways and tunnels leading in all directions, ready to explore!

As you would expect, there is a giant praying mantis on the roof…

Lory with her Independence Day t-shirt for July 4th.

Also on the roof: a Ferris wheel.

And this big hollow dome is beneath the praying mantis sculpture. You can climb up from the inside or the outside!

Two slides: the one on the left you climb up OVER the people sliding down and the one on the right is like the old carnival slides.

Lots of intricate welding and torch work.

A school bus hanging off the corner of the building. Yes, you can walk into the bus and look down the entry stair.

Damiene works his way up the spiral cage.

Two kids trying out the playground.

All of this on the roof above the 10th floor.

Heading towards the 10 story slide.

Looking back up at the 10 story slide

A grotto in the basement reminded us very much of Park Guell in Barcelona.

Entering a whale's gullet

Great mosaics on the floor.

Back outside at the first floor sculpture garden.

Although you can still climb several stories up in the air.

Jeremy gets stuck in tight quarters.


Damiene on one of the inside grotto pathways. It was like a maze.

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