Cabin Residing Project

by Jeremy January. 01, 2016 1110 views

Removing the old cedar shingles from the bunkhouse and outhouse at the cabin in Big Bear

All the old shingles have been removed from both buildings

The outhouse

Close up of the oldest window of the bunkhouse

Ta Da!!

Lory pulling the “shingle train” to the refuse pile

(New multi-position ladder worked out great!)

The old shingles piled and ready for the dumpster

New siding hauled up in the trailer

A new layer of tar paper sheathing

Ready to start adding the new siding

Lory taking a break to warm her toes

Spice in his usual position

Mostly done with the bunkhouse cabin

A new porch light for the main cabin

The front of the main cabin with nearby tree branches trimmed back

All finished with the siding. Next step: trim!

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