Granny's Wake, Chicago

by Jeremy January. 13, 2016 790 views

Robert Sheehy & Sons Funeral Home, Chicago

Braving the cold temperatures for some last minute preparations.

Lunch at Portillos before the wake.

The Memory Wall all set up.

Photos (and tissues) were placed all around the room.

A quiet moment before everyone arrives.

All dressed up!

Granny worked for Nabisco for most of her adult life, so we filled the family break room with Nabisco cookies.

The sign-in at the entrance to the viewing room.

Cold, but wonderful lighting outside the funeral home.

Damiene shows Kim's kids some games on his DS.

Smile for the camera!

Smile some more! Lory and Kim get to catch up a bit.

Taking the kids to view Granny.

Aunt Maryanne in “the throne” chair.

Three angels representing Granny's three daughters.

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