Granny's Funeral, Chicago

by Jeremy January. 14, 2016 717 views

Robert Sheehy & Sons Funeral Home, Chicago

A pretty morning as we get ready for the Funeral.

More flowers arrived throughout the day.

All dressed up #2

Following the hearse to the church for Mass.

Lining up with our white gloves to escort the coffin into the church.

Jeremy & Damiene bringing the coffin to the Mass.

Father during the Mass.

Arrival at the cemetery.

Heading into the “Gaelic Park” hall for the memorial luncheon.

Taking photos while we wait for lunch to be served.

Beth and Chris with one of Aunt Maryanne's husband's relatives.

Cousin Kelly and Lory

Josh and Stan (Lory's cousin's husbands)

The “kids” table.

All the girls trying to out pose each other!

The Arkansas and Upland contingent.

Cousin Karen's family

Aunt Linda and Uncle Danny with Danny's parents.

The Big Group Shot.

We were all surprised and happy to see deer at the cemetery after we came to visit Granny's site.

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