Cabin Work Day

by Jeremy May. 28, 2016 1535 views

New windows and removing the toilet and bathtub with the help of brother-in-law, Chris.

Checking out the Mustang's Eco-Boost engine before heading up the hill.

Ready to head out for a mountain road test drive.

Prepping first window opening - getting ready to expand the opening enough for the new windows to fit.

A big hole to fill.

Lory's test of the exterior “barn” paint. The dark red on the left is the winner.

Can I get a cheeseburger with a large fries and a coke??

Down to the third and final window!

We had to expand each opening by about a 1/4 inch on the horizontal and 1/2 inch on the vertical.

Lory and Chris tested out a mulch ring around the pine trees (you can see the new windows behind).

Chris hard at work trying to remove the old surround (that they had glued to plywood.

YUCK!!! Why isn't Lory doing this???

We may be in need of some crack spackle.

Victory is ours! The old tub is finally out (it fought a valiant fight!)

The new back door (we installed it last visit, but forgot to take a picture).

Packing up for the trip back to Arizona.

Some pretty purple flowers across the back field.

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