Into Each Life a Little Rain Must Fall, Day 32

by William Mclaughlin May. 08, 2011 1252 views

Day 32, Saturday, May 7, 2011.

After baking for a couple of weeks in sunny climes, coastal fog and raindrops on the roof are welcome reminders of home:)

We pulled out of Fortuna this morning just before noon, drove through Eureka and went north along the coast to The Redwoods RV Resort just a few miles north of Crescent City, California.

On Day 31 (Friday, May 6th) we marveled at the virgin, old growth redwood forests in Humbodt County.

Today on Day 32 we experienced what it is like to stay in a campsite that was logged 75-100 years ago (my guess as to when). We pulled into a campsite with beautiful 70-80 foot high redwoods in all directions. But upon closer examination there are huge overgrown stumps everywhere…not at all unattractive…just a reminder of all the redwood giants that fell to provide lumber for building homes, towns and cities in this country in the late 1800s and early 1900s.

Today we drove about 111 miles.

Total trip mileage is now 2,940.

So, Sunday will get us to Oregon. Our aim is to travel to and remain overnight in Gold Beach, Oregon right on the coast.

Thanks for stopping by,

Driving north through Eureka, CA. Route 101 goes right through town.

Just north of Eureka things opened up as we continued our drive toward Crescent City, CA.

Appears these two guys forgot their motorcycles:)

Ooooo, pucker factor was way up driving between these two rows of Jersey Barriers around a bridge construction site. No room for error on my part. I like to be able to wander a little over the lines now and then:-)

Sweeping vista…one of many today.

Foggy day…

The worst of it…

Improving visibility…

How's this for being close to the ocean? Not the place to be when Tsunami warnings are posted. And there are signs to this effect…

More beach along the way.

Very little traffic today.

Our site in The Redwoods RV Resort, Crescent City, CA. Here we are surrounded by second growth redwoods.

This giant stump is right next to our campsite and is about 11 feet high and VERY big around. I am guessing it was cut in the early 1900s. Notice the two notches on the right…these were used by lumberjacks to insert planks into that they then would stand on to enable them to use a two-man saw for cutting the tree down.

Stumps reminding us of what used to be.

Nature reclaiming yet another stump.

And another…

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Neiwil 6 years, 4 months ago

Guess those Jersey Bariers kept you down to about 70mph :-) aahh well you're in no rush!
What a change in climate, but still scenic in it's own way.Not Mandys idea of a 'paddeling beach' me thinks! Overnight on Gold Beach, have you made it all the way to Normandy ? definitely need to bin that Garmin :-)
Those old stumps are something else, always interesting to see Mother nature reclaiming her own....thanks for another great day out....take care....catch you later...

6 years, 4 months ago Edited