Cannon Beach into Washington, Day 44

by William Mclaughlin May. 20, 2011 1780 views

Day 44, Thursday, May 19, 2011.

We began the day with an early morning walk on Cannon Beach and a big buy at our (new) favorite bakery. We made a mid-day departure from our Cannon Beach campsite, drove north through Astoria, OR and Longview, WA to arrive at our last overnight stop before going home tomorrow night.

The roads were good today and the bridges many but seeing the sign that marked the Washington state line in the middle of the Longview Bridge sure looked good.

We drove 139 miles today.

Total trip mileage is 3,418.

Thanks for stopping by,

A friendly place downtown Cannon Beach. Just had to take this picture:) Signed: Bill

One of the numerous downtown Cannon Beach art galleries.

Mandy's idea of an early morning walk on the beach. Actually, she did very well and loved the soft feel of the sand on her paws.

Some of the many beach houses along Cannon Beach. I'd like one…but why buy a place in a tourist mecca? And where would all that dosh come from?? :-)

I love the expansiveness of the beach at low tide. The people look so tiny in comparison to the 230 foot high Haystack Rock.

Tara taking another iconic image.

This fellow was actually “walking” his dog using his bicycle. The dog is way ahead of him down the beach to the right.

More beach front on the north side of Ecola Creek.

The bridge we didn't take. This is the Astoria Bridge that connects Oregon to Washington spanning the Columbia River. We figured we'd get a nose bleed if we took the motorhome that high ;-)

This is a small draw bridge on Route 30 that leads into downtown Astoria.

Motoring through downtown Astoria, Oregon.

The traffic downtown Astoria was very unusual to say the least:)

This is the Longview Bridge…well most of it. This is the bridge we took to cross over the Columbia River for our return to Washington. The big snow covered peak in the center is Mount St. Helens. What looks like two smaller peaks to the right is the top of Mount Ranier.
Originally had these backwards…but thanks to a good friend who regularly sees these mountains from this side…all is correct now:)

Tara shot these logs as we ascended the Longview Bridge on the Oregon side of the Columbia River.

Orange cones everywhere we go…even on the top of the bridge. Just as soon as we crested the rise where the log truck is, we came to a sign welcoming us back to Washington.

Our campsite in Washington's Millersylvania State Park just 10 miles or so south of Olympia, WA.

Looking another direction from our campsite.

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Neiwil 6 years, 4 months ago

LoL! Ha all that driving and you finally hit 'traffic' on your doorstep.Good to see the symbol of International Goodwill, the orange cone, alive and well in the colonies.
You'd have been alright on the Astoria bridge, so long as you had your pilots licence with you....does look a bit high though!. Love the Bills Tavern sign, is it now in the back of the RV? Shame that naked woman got in the way of your shot of Izzy B's ;-)
I think on sighting the welcome home sign, I'd have thought "let's go round again, that was fun".....

6 years, 4 months ago Edited
Paulagr 6 years, 4 months ago

Very beautiful photos!!! Number 7 is my favorite!!!

6 years, 4 months ago Edited