Officially Snowbirding!

by William Mclaughlin February. 22, 2014 1037 views

We got to South Texas on December 28th, and had planned to stay 30 days at a campground where some friends have a place. After one week we thought we might like to think about being “official” snowbirders, probably next year. After two weeks we were pretty sure this was the place we'd like to spend our winters. After three weeks we decided to look around to see what was available, and the next day we found just the right place … and bought it! This is what it looked like when we looked at the place.

I wasn't crazy about the kitchen cupboards. They were nice, but not my style. Bill didn't mind either way, so I started plotting a paint job. Too many neutrals for my taste, but the 700 square foot floor plan was just what we needed.

This is a mobile home, built in 2010, so it didn't need any serious work. Just a lot of paint!

We bought the place furnished, but weren't sure what we would keep and what we would get rid of. The plan changed on a daily basis. Every morning the conversation went something like this:
Tara: Honey, I have a new plan!
Bill: Okay, let's hear it!

Here's the view down the hall looking into the bedroom. Bathroom door is on the right, and what was then the utility room is on the left.

The bedroom furniture was pretty nice, but we started thinking about our king-sized bed in storage in Washington State …

… and the plan changed again.

Maybe we could move our furniture down here to Texas!

Here's the bathroom, with more of the same cupboard doors I wasn't crazy about.

The washer-dryer would absolutely stay.

There was a built-in high counter along the back wall under those oak cupboards that went the length of the room … about 15 feet! It was a little too short to stand at, and too tall to sit in a normal chair.

In the end, we decided to keep very little of what was there, and we had a silent auction. People came from all over the park, bid on everything we had for sale, and it all sold! Excellent. Now we could start painting!

Bill flew to Seattle to supervise the moving company loading the van, and I started taking cupboard doors off. Oh … not the cupboards you see here. We sold those!

For several days we painted. Bill did all the taping, I did all but the top trim painting, and we worked our behinds off every day for two weeks!

Here are seven of the fifty (yes, 50) doors and drawers in the house that needed to be painted! One coat of primer front and back, and two coats of paint. The white ones went back in the kitchen, and the green ones were destined for the bathroom.

We decided to keep the entertainment center and the nice big flat screen TV. Our link to college basketball!

Having sold the sofa, we brought our canvas lawn chairs in for breaks and basketball games. It seemed like the only time we sat down for more than 15 minutes at a time was to watch the Kansas Jayhawks play!

Painting that utility room was a revelation. The potential we had imagined started showing itself right away!

We love the names of paint colors. This is called Maple Leaf.

Here's the back corner where the cupboards were before we sold them. These walls will get a coat of a color called Citrus Punch.

Green cupboards in the bathroom is just a start. We'll redecorate in the fall when we come back. The walls are vinyl panels, so the green, cream and gold colors stay. It's a nice combination, but the ceilings are nine feet high throughout the house, and the bathroom needs a bit more pizzazz.

Those drawers under the closet were the same two-tone tan and brown as in the bathroom and kitchen. We'll have to re-work the closet's interior when we come back next fall. I'm too short to reach the clothes rod!

The chairs in the bedroom were just temporary, of course. Things got moved around a lot while we were painting!

The bedroom is dark teal and a lighter teal. (They're called Mirage Lake and Jamaica Bay, if you're interested in knowing that sort of thing.) The flag in the bathroom got moved around a lot, too. It lived in there for quite a while, since the walls weren't being painted!

Tomorrow I'll post another blog and show you what it was like moving in, and what it looks like “After.”

Thanks for following along with our project, and for being so patient while we disappeared for so long!

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