All Moved In!

by William Mclaughlin February. 23, 2014 1494 views

To continue the story from yesterday …

Our furniture arrived on February 10th, and we started moving furniture and unpacking boxes. We had disposed of everything we thought we wouldn't need when we moved out of the house in Edmonds, but this sort of thing is a process, not an event, and the culling continues. Things that were just right in the old house aren't necessarily right in the new one.

Moving in after painting means there will be spots to touch up later, so we had moving boxes and paint supplies out at the same time. What a train wreck!

The view from the hall, looking back toward the kitchen. Mandy was a trouper! She mostly stayed out of the way. She likes to sit in the doorway and look out the glass storm door. Here she is, guarding her position.

We had disconnected the washer/dryer when we painted, and then surrounded it with boxes. Laundry piled up until we unearthed the washing machine!

The den (formerly the utility room) was our staging area for boxes. We made sure the living room was box free. After working on the house every day since January 27th, we needed a space in which to relax!

Paint cans got relegated to the bedroom until we were sure we wouldn't have more touchup to do.

Another view of the den, mid-move.

Finally! All the boxes were unpacked, and we could start enjoying our new home!

We love the north light in the kitchen. It's bright and airy with loads of room to move around.

Art hung, furniture placed, treasures displayed … and not a box anywhere to be found!

This is what I see when I sit on the sofa and look towards the hall. My friend Helle in Denmark made two pictures for me, and I can see them both from one vantage point. I think of her often!

Do you remember this view from the “before” shots? What a difference!

The bedroom gets early morning southeastern light. What a pleasure to wake up in this room!

We took the bedroom door off and stored it in the shed. Our bamboo curtains are a better choice … they take up a lot less room!

I love the way the bathroom cabinets turned out. We haven't done any decorating in there yet. Even the shower curtain was the one that came with the house. Our old bathroom was black and white with nothing on the walls, so we need to start from scratch next fall with this room.

Everyone thinks the utility room / den is the biggest transformation. We'll put a screen around the washer/dryer to block it from view. You can see a little corner of the washing machine in the bottom left corner.

More of the den.

Tara's little corner of the world.

Bill's desk is just to the right of the door as you come in, with the back door to the patio beyond.

After having worked on the house all that time, we only stayed a few more days to enjoy it! Here it is all draped with dust covers, ready for our return in the fall.

Today we leave on our trip again, headed for South Padre Island and the Gulf Coast!

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